Income Tax Challans

This post guides you to use the latest income tax challans for the year 2016-2017. We have provided here information on all new income tax challans. You can download the income tax challans from the official site of income tax India in PDF forms. You can print the challan and use for depositing TDS and income tax. Challans are generated against payment of different taxes and TDS. Checking the status of the challans ensures you that your money has been accounted properly with the income tax department. At the time of the Advance tax payment online, you need to fill up the challan. The counterfoil remains with you as a proof of your payment. From the information shared here, you will know which challan to use for the payment of specific type of tax.


Types of Challans for Tax Payment

Payment of income tax before due date is significant. Similarly, income tax department also prescribes the late dates for filing returns. Find below the list of challans to be used for payment of taxes.

  1. ITNS – 280

ITNS 280 challan can be downloaded from the official website of tin-nsdl and Challan 280 is used for depositing income tax. Check Online Income Tax Payment is done online from the same portal.

TDS Challan Status

  1. ITNS – 281

Challan ITNS 281 is also known as EPF challan or TCS challan. It is used for depositing TDS or tax deducted at source. TCS stands for tax collected at source and refers to the tax directly deducted from the salary from the employees. The tax is paid to the IT department by the employer on behalf of all the employees whose tax are deducted from their salary.

  1. ITNS 282

Challan 282 is proposed for payment of securities transaction tax. It is also used for depositing hotel receipt tax, expenditure tax or estate duty, gift tax and wealth tax.

  1. ITNS 283

ITNS 283 challan form is for depositing the cash transaction tax (banking) and fringe benefits tax.

IT department of India is offering a number of facilities like checking IT return status and TDS refund status through tin-nsdl portal.


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